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+17 Leads In 30 Days for Pro Forma Properties

The Client

Pro Forma Properties is a full-time real estate wholesaler that was struggling to generate qualified leads and automate its lead nurturing process online. They tried various methods before, including cold calling and buying lead lists, but they eventually hit a ceiling and were no longer getting the results they needed to grow their business.

The Plan

For the purpose of attracting the appropriate audience and generating motivated seller leads, we chose Google and Facebook Ads as the marketing channels to achieve this quickly.

We recommended our AI appointment setting system to help pre-qualify, nurture, and book every lead that raises their hand after interacting with their ads.

The Execution

To start their promotion, we put up search ads on Google and creatives on Facebook.

After 7 days, we looked at the first data these ads gave us and stepped up our game by posting a clever video ad on YouTube.

The Results

Pro Forma Properties got going, and in just two weeks they closed a deal! With this steady stream of deals, they were able to grow their business and start buying and renting houses.

Currently, Pro Forma Properties closes two agreements per month on average, and in order to meet demand, they are looking to grow their staff. They now rely on a system that will consistently qualify and book them leads, so they don’t have to worry about cold calling hundreds of unmotivated leads in order to speak with a small number that is in the market.

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